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Our company specializes on making videos of a high quality, regardless of their type. Whether you need a full-length film or a music video, we can help you. Our team consists of professional videographers, script writers and directors of photography with years of experience. When shooting films and video clips, we pay a lot of attention to what we do, and that is why our works are highly recognized. On this website you can take a look at all works of Superior and even find out the backstage secrets of their making.


The director of photography is hired at the start of preproduction, and is typically hand-picked by the director. This person will supervise the camera, lighting...

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Skills & Education

A director of photography needs expertise in lighting, color theory, camera operation, and the techniques of cinematography...

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What to Expect

The camera department is still the standard proving ground for future cinematographers, but it is becoming more common to see DPs who have graduated from the lighting crew as gaffers.

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